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Chengdu Yeheng Electronic Co, Ltd, a high-tech medium-sized enterprise established in 2002, specializes in designing, processing, and manufacturing of precision mould; precision finishing of machine tool parts; system integration of computers; R&D, manufacturing, and marketing of intelligent building management systems and hotel management automatic products. The company has made consecutive and speedy development for the past years.The company has made efforts and investment in R&D of designing, processing and manufacturing of precision mould; precision finishing of machine tool parts since 2005. In these fields, the company has conducted a strategic cooperation with some scientific research institutions, such as Chengdu Electronic Technology University, and Chenguang Research Institute of Polymer Materials, etc. The cooperation has touched upon many fields, including the establishment of an open laboratory, R&D and marketing of new materials, new production process and new products. A number of high-tech, high quality, and reasonably-priced consumable products have been released step by step, including many kinds of wire cutters, wire guide, suction nozzle, presser foot, etc. The company has also established a standard and advanced production base, as well as a standardized and strict QC system. The released products have won great acclaim from many customers and helped domestic semiconductor encapsulation enterprises solve some practical problems, such as the high-priced materials imported from abroad, and the long order cycle time. Since July, 2008, the company has manufactured consumable products, such as cutter, and wire guide for some encapsulation enterprises, including NIHON CHOUONPAKOUGYOU K.K k., an encapsulation enterprise in Japan.


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