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公司组织结构图 Organizational Structure Chart of the Company

总经理 General Manager;

财务总监 CFO (Chief Finance Officer); 

生产副总经理 Production Vice General Manager; 

常务副总经理 Executive Vice General Manager; 

副总经理(总工程师)Vice General manager (Chief Engineer); 

销售副总 Marketing Vice General Manager;  

总工程师办公室 Chief Engineer Office;  

财务部 Finance Department;  

制造部 Manufacture Department; 

技术工艺部 Technical Department;  

采购部 Purchasing Department; 

行政人事部 Administrative & Personnel Department; 

设计开发部 Design & Development Department;  

品质管理部 QC Department; 

销售部 Marketing Department; 

模具制造 Manufacture of Mould;  

注塑车间 Plastic-injection Workshop;  

合作开发实验室 Cooperative Development Laboratory; 

自主研发 Independent R&D; 

华北片区Northern China Region; 

华南片区 Southern China Region; 

其它地区 Other Regions    

电子科大Chengdu Electronic Technology University; 

晨光研究所Chenguang Research Institute of Polymer Materials

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